My Published and Upcoming Books

January 1793. France has executed its king, and war on Britain is declared one month later. Set against this volatile backdrop is the first in a series of cases and adventures for 26 year-old Yorkshire attorney, John Eagle. Struggling to establish his practice after the death of his curmudgeonly partner, John, with his motley household of young black clerk, elderly assistant, and mercurial teenaged housemaid, balances mainstream legal business with assisting local magistrate, Sir Walter Stanhope, who relies on his brains when dealing with weighty justice matters.

Sir Henry Ibbetson, prominent Leeds merchant and fellow JP, has been found mysteriously dead, run through with his own sword on Sir Walterís land. Itís a case for the Leeds authorities, yet Sir Walter, using Johnís talents, insists on investigating the murder himself. But what does he have to hide and why is he pushing his sleuthing prodigy in a single direction which John discovers to be false?

It soon transpires that a number of individuals have cause for wanting the rich merchant dead. Among an overlapping mosaic of suspects, including the murdered manís son, disgruntled relatives of sentenced felons, local radicals hell-bent on fermenting revolution, the young attorney, thwarted on all sides, resolves to go it alone.


Up-Coming Works

Dark Satanic Mill - PUBLISHED 31 JULY 2015

North Cheshire, 1813. How a childís life at Quarry Bank Mill, Styal (thinly disguised) might have been had the owner employed only children and secretly operated a paedophile ring.

Eagle and the Lady-Killer - PUBLISHED 29 APRIL 2016

Sequel to An Uncommon Attorney, in which a Yorkshire Ripper style serial killer is on the rampage in 1790s Leeds.

Pride Before a Fall Through Time - TO BE PUBLISHED 28 NOVEMBER 2016

A speculative love story/psychological thriller in which one lover falls through time to 1645 while the other remains in the present, 367 years apart.

Gone West

A disturbed old man from 2014 Ďkidnapsí a pretty young weather-presenter and holds her hostage in his nightly dreams about the Wild West.

Business Unusual

First in a series of cases for Frank Marvell, a Leeds detective on the home-front during World War I.

The Pensioner's Special/Old People's Holmes

Eric Snoop, retired private eye now living in a care home, rekindles his skills as a top-notch sleuth.