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Welcome to the website of novelist Miles Craven


Published historian turned creative writer, Yorkshire-born Miles Craven has grown to hate footnotes, references and objectivity, preferring to bend the truth any way that suits him to get his characters through the story. Writing is a passion, but a love-hate one: he finds the process neither easy nor particularly pleasurable, but something makes him do it and he misses it like hell when he canít.

ĎI write because I donít know what I think until I read what I say.í - Flannery OíConnor

Miles Cravenís first published title, An Uncommon Attorney, is a thrilling new historical crime novel perfect for any lover of historical fiction, and especially those lovers of the crime and thriller genre. Set in the late 18th Century, against the backdrop of the French Revolution, young Yorkshire-based attorney, John Eagle, is without a partner ad struggling to establish his practice. He is then put on the case of a prominent Leeds merchant and JP, who has been found mysteriously run through with his own sword.

It soon transpires that a number of individuals have cause for wanting the rich merchant dead. Among an overlapping mosaic of suspects, including the murdered merchantís son, disgruntled relatives of the people he put behind bars, and local radicals hell-bent on fermenting revolution, John resolves to go it alone.

Fans of An Uncommon Attorney will be thrilled to discover that this title is set to be the first of many engaging novels to be released over the coming years. For a list of upcoming releases, please visit Published Work.